About Us

The Beginning 

It all started with a thought of providing healthy , nutritious and tasty food without letting go of either of the characteristics . Made using clean and natural ingredients for all to savour. 

The Company Started its food journey from June 2019 with the launch of its first retail outlet  “Protein Rush” A 360 degree fitness cafe . Serving sugar free , refined flour free- high protein meals ranging from pizzas to salads to protein shakes. Proving a healthy twist on all the traditionally frowned upon unhealthy but tasty dishes. The cafe was recently crowned “The Best Health Food Cafe “ in the eastern suburbs at the coveted Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2020. 

The Conscious Baker

Continuing this journey towards providing a complete solution for healthy food we started “The Conscious Baker” in March 2020. Following the same principles of  No Refined Flour and No Refined Sugar we now provide an end to end solution for all your dietary needs without compromising on nutritional values and taste.

It started with just a small experimental cafe and slowly expanded into a full fledged bakery. Everyone can now enjoy their favorite foods and desserts without any guilt .

With decades of experience in baking and nutrition, the conscious baker uses only the finest of ingredients, all of which are preservative free . The chocolate used in our products is made in our chocolate lab from pure organic cacao beans, sourced from the very best south Indian plantations, so we do not have to compromise on our quality. The resulting chocolate is Sugarfree (Maltitol free), Vegan , Keto , Gluten free and ready to go into your favorite bakes. This makes us the only bakery who makes their own chocolates to be used in desserts , allowing us to make desserts which are completely unique

Diabetics , Vegans , Keto Diet followers , People suffering from gluten allergies and most importantly Kids addicted to sugar can now savor and enjoy the best of the baked world without the slightest of hesitations.